Whistle-blower on "Anonymous Web Form"

Monday, September 19, 2011
Nobody would deny the thought of "Regulations document is important for corporate compliance". On the other hand, it is not realistic to all employees to get interested in the "Charter" or "Regulations" continuously.

1.To maintain a compliance system.
2.The essence: All the employee must comply "Constitution and laws".
3.The policy: "Mutual Surveillance system" should be built.
4.The method: Install "Accusation forum" which acknowledged throughout company.

This way of thinking is right. Establishing a postbox inside company will do. But thinking on "stress on posting" and "troublesome on collecting", it would be better done online. There will be no "Lost" or "Hushed up".

1. Post, 2. Check Post, 3. Survey & Statement, 3a.Respond Question, 4. Bulletin Answer

Points of operating "Accusation system" ("Whistle-blowing"system) above are following three
1.To guarantee accuser's anonymity if he/she wants
2.To publish the answer from company to the accusation (by simultaneous email or bulletin board)
3.To enable Board of Directors and Auditors (and sometimes external lawyers) to browse the details of the process data
In some cases, only a lawyer with duty of confidentiality should better take the task [2. Check Post].

By the way, there are two start points defined in the Workflow chart.
  • a. Posting within Workflow system
  • b. Posting from Web form outside of Workflow (Anonymous posting)
If he/she doesn't want being anonymous, it would be better posted through point of a. It makes easier hearing for solution.

[Accusation [2. Check Post] screen]