How Many Product Defects are Unsolved Now?

Monday, September 12, 2011
There is no ending at completing production of packaged software or Website creation. Rather, better to say starting working on updating to "Change requests". Sometimes "Bug" will be reported

Following Workflow chart is designed focusing on efficiently status management in "Bug reports" and "Request" (A case all employees are with accounts of Workflow)

1. Registration Request/failure, 2. Nomination respondents/Prioritization, 3. The primary answer, 3a. Support questions, 4. Final answer, 5. the primary response confirmation, 6. the final answer confirmation

[Bugs & Requests [2. Nomination respondents/Prioritization] screen]

  • Title <Summary Bugs /Request>
-Bug / Request info-
  • Bugs or Request (select:Bug/Request)
  • Priority (select: 1/2/3/4/5)
  • Date occurred (date)
  • Detail (string)
-Respondent, Schedule-
  • Appropriate range (select: Web application / middleware / infrastructure /other)
  • Respondent (user)
  • Primal deadline (date)
  • Final deadline (date)
  • Ignore? (select: Yes/No)
  • Answer? (select:Answer/Confirm beforehand)
  • The primary answer (string)
  • Final answer (string)
  • Correspondence (discussion)
  • Contribution bug requests Registration (0-100)(numeric)

In this kind of workflow "All process performance" is frequently searched thoroughly. In particular, supervisors and managers will list up processes from the viewpoint of "what is it, it has past deadline and still not answered yet?" or "what is the theme of infrastructure improvement" etc. It is easy imaging that urging on In-house SNS feature saying "What's up with this process?" And, each member of the developing team will work hard to reduce 'responsible Bugs/Request' in "MY Task"

But someone who really should be appreciate is the one made "Nice Report"

  • Easy to read
  • Found a fatal Bug
  • Hit on an idea that nobody would find

Such as the "result" is should be taking into account in appraisal. We want to consider to start operating this Workflow in the rule of enter "Contribution to Bug Requests Registration" at task [4. Final answer] , besides whether it can be used directly to a personnel performance evaluation. More better with remark that "Rate 0 to 100 on readability / difficulty / ideality"