Workflow of Request for Proposal from Professional

Monday, December 19, 2011

It is the idea that counts when it comes to small gifts and souvenir for Sales promotion. Novelty that 'seen somewhere' is not very impressive.

In such a case, you would better ask Professional. Much better than a bunch of 'amateurs' in House...When you think so, External companies begin to join the Workflow.

The Novelty Production Workflow, here we introduce to you, begins with a setting by personnel in Marketing, the request of quantity, theme and etc..(Task [1. Request Setting]) 'The external Pro' (novelties sales company) will create a proposal(in GoogleDocs,etc.), and enter the URL into Task

[Novelty Production flow]

[Novelty Production flow [2. Questions / Proposal] screen]

In this Workflow, the marketing personnel checks proposals from each external company, narrows to three of them and takes a quote. Then orders after Supervisor's approval.

It is very important for Novelties sales company to take advantage of this Workflow, the automated record of what they make in the past, if they work often as monthly. It is also easy to share information inside Marketing, so the know-hows of selection and commission would be stored naturally.

And for the supervisor, it is very good to grasp
- How the novelty goods was selected,
- What was going on between Order and Delivery.

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