Acquire A Good Command of Google Apps

Monday, December 5, 2011
'Wish to accept "Campaign Registration" with Google docs's Web Form!'
It's really frequent story, in this Cloud Computing era. In many cases, using the "Google Apps" Web form. Some people may combine with Google Sites. It's really easy to create a Public Form. Amazing Customizability. Even the totalization is in real-time. And the best point is, it is for free!

But yet, merely accepting them is not satisfying. Yes, want 'Quick Response'. For example, 1. Sending completion email, 2. Shipping out relating materials, 3. Passing over registered information to Area sales staff,,, want to achieve such a Workflow. However, Google Apps provides no Workflow function.

Now, here comes a Workflow, dynamically cooperating with Google Apps, 'Questetra BPM Suite'! It is also for free. It will help more people more efficiently, yet will be able to respond quickly!!

[Registration flow Area select]

It is obvious if you look the Flow chart, 'Completion email' is sent automatically at first when a registration information flows into this Workflow definition. Here the first 'Split Condition ; A', 'Completion email' will be sent automatically, if they meet the following conditions.
  • a. 'Email address' is entered
  • b. 'Applicant name' is entered
  • c. 'Applicant name' does not include strings of 'test'
As a matter of course, the contents of the email are customizable according to the registration.

On the other hand, the registrations that not satisfy those conditions of a, b, c, will go to [X. Error check]. Then the members of Marketing will correspond them, to phone the applicant to correct information, or just throw away the process as a noise.

And the next, the second 'Split Condition ; B' is the start of concurrent processing. That is, the process goes to both [2. Material shipping] and 'Split condition ; C'. For specialists, it may sound easier to say 'a token breaks up on a AND split'

Tasks of [2. Material shipping] continue to arrive to the members of Marketing, so they just do their job solemnly.

On the other hand, setup a rule on 'Split condition ; C' such as,
  • (a) "Applicant's phone number" begins with '03' or '04'
  • (b) "Applicant's phone number" begins with '06' or '07'
  • (c) Other
And the tasks of [3.Sales Support] go to Sales team of each region。

Now you can see which sales person takes care of which applicant, in 'real time'.

[Registration flow Area select [3a. Sales Support (Eastern area)] screen]

[Mail setting screen]

[Split condition;C setting screen]

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