A Workflow Supposed a Chain of Relegating

Monday, December 12, 2011
People ask works. This is a familiar story.

However, you don't know what have been asked in-house. If you can visualize them and analyse, you will see the "chain" of works. Yes, the chain is that true Workflow.
Here, we are going to consider a simple flow to visualize and to manage.

[Asking Flow]

[Asking Flow : "3. Give Thanks"]

We strongly suggest you to operate this Workflow. You can grasp relationship of in-house easily. Needless to say, the work you asked will always be able to understand, who is handling it and what's going on.

The main feature of this workflow is, you can ask someone to do what you have been asked. At the Task [2. Accepting (Re-ask somebody else)], the user can change the process data [Ask to] to someone else, and finish the Task [2. Accepting (Re-ask somebody else)] with the Flag of Incomplete, then the Task [2. Accepting (Re-ask somebody else)] starts at somebody else's Task.

Incidentally, when the Task [2. Accepting (Re-ask somebody else)] is allocated, an email is always sent (Message Throwing Intermediate Event)

[Process detail screen (Record and current state)]

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