Flurry of Advices about Proposal Workflow on In-House SNS Feature

Monday, January 30, 2012
"Proposal" is important in business for corporation.

In reality, although there is only way for those proposals 'To be created at the discretion of each individual salesperson', but their Sales executive must always worry that "I suspect if they present sloppy proposals..." But possibly, there might be a guy who is making 'a once in a lifetime proposal' at this moment. (It's the communication that counts!)

In anyhow, we would like to visualize 'the progress of creating proposal' for re-usability of it, and want to develop an environment conducive to give and to receive advices from colleagues. Here, we try to implement a business rule of "Get reviewed by at least one person before submit!" with Workflow.

[Proposal and Review flow(Taskfeed) ]

[Proposal and Review flow(Taskfeed) [3. Final draft registration] screen]

[Task Feed : Colleague Advising screen]

Incidentally, the cloud-based Workflow "Questetra BPM Suite", has standard equipped In-house SNS feature (Social Feature).

Rest of the salesperson other than 'sales person B' who assigned reviewing, should better posting their little 'tips' and 'idea' into the Timeline.

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