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Monday, February 6, 2012
Can you define a 'Workflow'?
Somehow, it often seems "IT knowledge" to be required, but it isn't. Rather, "Business knowledge" is indispensable.

'Billing flow', for example. It is exactly what the core operation, and it's not easy to list up all the processing steps.
1. Complement the series of procedures from 'Delivery / Shipment' of merchandise??
2. Complement the series of procedures from 'Order Report' by salesperson?
3. Complement the series of procedures from 'Query / Leads' ?
It is a hassle just to set 'Workflow range considering to be easy its operation'. And of course, the 'Workflow To Be' depends on the Business line, the organizational size, or organizational culture.

In this article, we would like to take a look at a Billing flow for Cloud services business and Rental business, etc. It is also assumed monthly repeat cases on a contract basis.

[Billing flow - Cloud service]

[Billing flow - Cloud service [3. License issue] ]

"Automatic renewal contract" makes it difficult to design business process. Not limited to Cloud Service contracts, there are a variety of contracts such as the Internet domain, car insurance, and newspaper subscription.
For a case with monthly processing, to ensure 'the next month process', it is better to make starting the next month process after [6.]. That is, calling start event [X.] and replicate business data such as 'customer basic information'.

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