Share Sales Information in a Simple Business Process

Monday, February 20, 2012
To catch up with the flow of business for up to "orders" from the "quote".

-To check which quote is under the judgment of 'Orders / Lost' anytime
-To tell necessary and sufficient information automatically to relating sections without any leakage when got orders.

First of all, 'Sharing current information' is prior among varieties of affairs in Sales section. In the following Workflow definition, the project management of sales team is defined in a very simple Workflow. It exactly is a Simple SFA. I want to note here is, the daily business report can not be continued if it's not simple.

This Workflow begins with [1. Project Opening report] by a sales personnel. Right after the registration of Project Opening, a Task of [1a. Advice/ Strategy] is allocated to the Sales leader clearly.

[Sales-Quote/Orders share flow]

After that, the sales personnel adds progress when the status changes in his project such as submitting quote or visiting, onto Discussion type data at Task [2. Quote Submitting/ Visiting], then [save]. If there is something should be shared, check the 'In negotiation' flag then [Finish]. In that case, a 'Project progress share email' is automatically sent to members of the team.

In addition, when orders or Lost became final and conclusive, the sales personnel click to select [Status] flag, then 'Finish' task of[2. Quote Submitting/ Visiting]. Doing this, a "I got the Order! email" is sent to members of the team automatically.
(Only the supervisor should know data for analysis on Lost. That is, it's better to be set that 'Case lost email' be sent only to the Leader.)

[Sales-Quote/Orders share flow [2. Quote Submitting/ Visiting] screen]

[Order getting report email setting screen]

When data of Projects in negotiation become accumulated, try search in 'Industries' or 'Corporate Scale'. It's better if aggressively advising against the progress of co-worker at In-house SNS of Questetra.

By the way, once you have got used to this workflow operation, you will be able to process billing procedure in a series of flow involving Administrative department workflow in Workflow, or to transmit the "project data just enough" automatically to the workflow of the production department by linking them. Then this Workflow no longer is a Simple SFA, now it is the 'Core Business System'.

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