Unmanned Workflow Starts with Receiving Claim Data

Monday, February 13, 2012
There are Workflows which end a series of processes with totally 'unmanned'.

"Unmanned Workflow", it is a Workflow that only when an error occurs human takes part in it. For example, a Workflow that (1) Accepting requests for "Free Account" on the Web site, and (2) Setting new accounts in the system automatically, then (3) Sending a 'Welcome mail' to the applicant. That is one of 'unmanned Workflow'.

The following is an unmanned Workflow that takes a role of 'Database', receiving sales data from various business processes. Only sales data out of all Claim flow is sent, and sales data of all business is aggregated.

[Unmanned Sales Data flow]

[Unmanned Sales Data flow [3. Account Reconciliation] ]


In this sample, there is a human task of [3. Account Reconciliation] when paid by 'Bank transfer'. And also in a case that string of 'test' is in its subject, or a case that the 'billing amount' is more than one million yen, [1. Sales Data Check], a human task occurs.

In this Workflow, in addition, there is only one set of 'Billing amount, Consumption tax, Accounting sales date, Payment due date'. It calls out 'Sales data' multiple times on each sales account date for billings which include 'Prepayment' that paid in advance for one year such as Advisory contract or services in the Cloud.

Sometimes we hear the word of 'automation' in the industry of IT/Workflow, but 'Automation' and 'Unmanned' are slightly different in its nuance. We believe that those who are familiar to the system of Sales Force Automation or Factory Automation, could understand that the word of 'Automation' doesn't always mean 'Unmanned'. That is, 'SFA' helps sales personnel about sales info management, but it never gets rid of them.

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