Contract Processing, Advising Chat should be Recorded

Monday, February 27, 2012
Oooh! Why can't I attach files onto the Workflow?

Such a Workflow is totally out of date! Workflows have being advanced day by day. Not only basic data such as 'String type', 'Numeric type', 'Date type', 'Time type', it is also available those data type such as,
  • 'Select type', which uses external list.
  • 'Select type', which choices are configured in the upstream.
  • 'Table type', which makes variety of data into a table.
  • 'Discussion type' which data is added with timestamps.

Also BPM: Business Process Management which is for improving business flow, variety of data type can be set in 'Data set' that flows on Workflow. At least Questetra BPM Suite can do it...

See; Modeling: Available Data Types (Questetra/tour/reference)

And now we'd like to consider required data sets in "Contract Processing".

[Contract Processing flow]

The Contract Processing, actually is a Workflow which contains unpredictable numbers of files. Agreement, specification documents, Notices, etc... Have no time for encasing those files in a ZIP file every time. In that point of view, 'File type' which can be attached any number of files is desirable.

And to record the process of negotiation and advice between Legal personnel and Sales personnel, we'd definitely want a "Discussion type" that is automatically records the outgoing comments and time stamp.

Incidentally, in this work flow definition, the conversation exchange between Legal personnel [2. Notes for negotiation/approval] and Sales personnel [3. Contract negotiations Report] goes back and forth. And also, the flow splits into [2a. Review and comment of the draft] by Sales Leader. To achieve these, advanced Workflow or sophisticated Business Process Management is required.

[Contract Processing flow [2. Notes for negotiation/approval] screen]

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