Visualizing "Change of Number of Stock" of Revenue Stamps in Graph

Monday, January 16, 2012
Basic of consumables management is "purchase approval process" and "using process".
If the Workflow management advances, in addition to the above, "conversion process" you may be tempted to manage as well.

However, when you manage each of them in different processes, so-called "number of stock" will not be recognized. In this article, we would like to think about "supplies purchasing and using applications" which integrates the entire process of "supplies management system". Of course, the quantity of the item become "-1" at the time "using application".

In this way, "the latest log" and "change of stock graph" will be able to be verified any time with Excel download or Google Spread Sheet button. (wonderful!)

Note that if you expand the range of consumable items too much from the beginning, the whole work will not go well. How about starting with 'postage stamps' and 'revenue stamps'?

[Stamp application]

[Stamp application : [3. Supply / Receive] screen]

For example, if you have the policy that "two type of postage stamps (50 yen, 80 yen)" and "seven type of revenue stamps (200 yen-20000 yen)" only you are going to stock, the interface that every quantity change can be entered will be good to you. (see sample picture)

And application mistake will be reduced if described "normal usage" of each stamps into entry form.