"Organization" and "Role", Important to Decision Making Workflow

Monday, January 23, 2012
A concept of "Group", which is employed in many system such as Os including UNIX / Linux, or directory services as well as business system. In recent years, Google Apps become having two concepts, "Organization" and "Group".

"Organization" is to manage a company's organizational structure in a tree structure. "Sales" "Marketing Department", "Corporate Planning Department"... To each belonging member is configured. That configuration is not set so often except Move or organizational change. In other hand, for "Group" can be set variety of coordination, regardless of the organization structure. "Football club", "Board of Directors" "General Manager (s approvable of 500,000 yen)," etc.

Now, we call it "Role" on a group which can be set without regard to organizational structure in Questetra BPM Suite. (Ver 8.3 or later) Let's see how a Decision making Workflow is defined with both of "organizational structure" and "Role approval authority".

[Decision Making flow(Org. Role)]

[Decision Making flow(Org. Role) [1. Application] screen]

[Swimlane setting screen]

The conclusion, by the setting of a "Role" of Approval authority level, the manager in charge can be specified relatively even if the organization structure was fragmented into 'Sections','Project' or 'Team'. Convenient, isn't it?

The workflow engine automatically recognize the Approver in conformity with the regulations and rules by looking both "organization structure" and "Role of approval authority". The original proposer doesn't have to mind the Approving route.

Doing anything, put "president authority" into "Role". If a person was added in the "Role of president authority", she/he would be a " deputy of president".

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