Sometimes, 'Proposal' must be Forced for Continuous Improvement

Monday, October 20, 2014
The purpose of Business Process Management (BPM) is 'Continuous Business Improvement'.

Indeed, if you create a "Business Process Definition" once, business data will be passed efficiently, and be accumulated with less noises, under the name of Business Standardization. That makes you feel like as if your business has been improved magnificently. However, on the other hand, suppose if you continue using it as it is. The way of proceeding your business will become stale soon, and it will no longer be able to keep up with changes in the market environment.

It is needless to say, but it is desirable that improvement proposal of "Business process Definition" will keep on springing naturally from inside the company, in order to achieve continuous improvement. That is, by their free will, employees should continuously submit improvement proposal, such as;
  • What if changing [the Business flow] to ******?
  • How about changing [the notes on Operating screen] as ******?
In the last article of "Business Process for Business Process Improvement!?", I have considered about an environment in which all the employees can propose at anytime.

Whereas, it is still difficult to continue pointing out the improvement challenges realistically. So today, we are going to discuss about a mechanism which you can let workers submit improvement proposals forcibly, by expanding the previous sample.

[Improvement Proposal flow (Designation)]

In the sample before, employees themselves could enter their improvement proposals voluntarily, at anytime and about any Business Process Definition.

A Task of "1. Proposal Entry" that is added to this sample will be listed on My Task, with data items of 'Title', 'Process Owner', 'Existing Model ID' have been set in advance. Moreover, deadline for entry has been set also. Plainly speaking, what has been added is a framework for supervisors to force their workers to 'Think up improvement idea by the deadline!'.

By the way, an operation for forcibly allocate to 20 to 30 people is bothersome. With this sample, Starting in batch from Microsoft Excel or Google SpreadSheet is available, for Process local API* has been arranged in it. Although this method will require some programming skill to, the usability is very high. (* Message Start Event (HTTP))

[Improvement Proposal flow (Designation):'1. Proposal Entry' screen]

[Data Items List (Design screen)]

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