Non-payment! Automatically Escalation!

Monday, November 10, 2014
Billing job? It's simple. Just to print out 'invoice PDF' and put it into window envelope. (Though, it's the words by accounting stuff.)

Data for the billing, such as 'Contents of Delivery' or 'Billing Address' has been set in the data items of "Order-Delivery process" already... The 'Invoice PDF' has been generated automatically on the Workflow... So, inputting errors by the Accounting personnel will never happen. Yeah, things have become convenient nowadays. I'm not good at typing, so I'm so happy that I don't have to. (Of course, I always check on Billing amount and the date, etc., if they are properly or not.)


Actually, there are some Steps that some sort of skills are required among such billing jobs... The Reporting of when Non-payment occurs is that. That is, 'How to report to in-house smoothly, when the payment from the customer could not be confirmed on the deadline day'. It may sounds trashy, but it is difficult to be done properly.
For instance, suppose if I sent an email to a in-house Sales person in one afternoon, in insipid single line sentence such as 'I don't' confirm the payment from ***, Co..', it will make some kind of bad atmosphere. Whereas, if my report delayed, the supervisor will blame it on me... (Either way, there will be no praise for me.)

Hmm, is there a way to improve the Business Process, like automatically (1) Fixed form email will be sent to whom concerned, and (2) Demanding Task will be assigned to the salesperson?

[Billing-Payment Confirmation flow 1]

I know! There is an icon for 'Proceeding when the time comes'. (* BPMN element)
  • A. One to be placed on the Arrow. (* Timer Intermediate Event)
  • B. One to be placed on the boundary of the process. (* Timer Boundary Event)
I think, if I took B, and drew the rest of the Steps following it, then the operation will go smoothly.

Do this, and do that, blur blur...

Wow! Now it is, 'the Issues which can not confirm the payment by the Next noon of deadline' will be automatically be escalation!

Oh, on the other hand, 'it will be reported if I forget to confirm'... but it's alright! Let's try operating on this Workflow for a while. If it's confusing, I can roll it back!

[Billing-Payment Confirmation flow 2]

[Billing-Payment Confirmation flow 2:'1. Invoice Data Check' screen]

[Data Items List]

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