Efficiency by 'Template Sentence'

Monday, March 30, 2015
In the case of writing a 'Description of the company', for example, there will be various ways such as;
  • Lightly in short sentences / tightly in long sentences
  • Current property / history of the past

Or in the case of writing a 'description of a product', the way of writing may vary according to
  • to write concept of the product / details of the functions
  • to write toward people who see for the first time / write toward people who already know

Certainly, for the experienced staffs, the ' writing' could be done quick and easy. However, for rookies and newcomers, it would be a time-consuming duty.

The following Business Process is a Workflow for registering "reusable sentence (template)", and at the same time, accepting "Improving comments". It might be a knowledge database, rather than a workflow. It is not only to improve the deskwork efficiency, but also to build common recognition in the company. (Also for people who register, it becomes note for future reference.)
  1. Originating (ordinary): Product introduction, Technology description, Business description
  2. Originating (extraordinary): Failure announcement, Emergency action report, Questioning
  3. Replying: Appreciation for inquiry, Apology to the complaint, Refusal against Sales

[Registration of Template and Review]

[Registration of Template and Review:'1. Registration' screen]

However, considering well, the opportunity to write a sentence in business is surprisingly often. Description Templates related to company own is not an exaggeration to say that "Business foundation".
  • Product introduction
  • Blog posting
  • Reply to inquiry
  • Press release
  • Notification to users
Being an adult doesn't mean capable of writing 'precise sentences like a journalist'. There might be cases that ambiguous or incorrect expressions slip into the sentences.

The important thing, is to concentrate on 'the facts to tell'.

For instance, if the sentence was for an apology, the part of explanation will be required to be accurate. In addition, rapidness will be required, as well. Suppose if the templates have been maintenance as the business foundation, the writer will be able to concentrate on the main body. (Speaking from the viewpoint of productivity), "shift from writing to borrowing" is not a matter to feel negative.

★Script example of [Title assignment]
// == Retrieving == 
var mytitle = new String(""); 
var templatemessage = data.get("●"); // Retrieving template 
var reasonfor = data.get("●"); // Retrieving requirements 

// == Calculating == 
templatemessage = templatemessage.replace("/\n/g",""); // Deleting Line break 
mytitle = templatemessage.substr(0,10) + " " + reasonfor; 

// == Updating == 
processInstance.setProcessInstanceTitle( mytitle ); // Assign to title 

[Data Items list]

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