Steps that Skip its Processing at the Deadline

Monday, June 1, 2015
Explanations of 'Business Process Management' are hard to understand...
They should rather say 'Platform for routine work'...

Some people in the position of general employee would say so. Aside the word choice on explanations, it is very thankful that you will be able to know what you should do by taking a glance at "My Tasks" (To do list) on the Cloud. The keywords of 'Anywhere' and 'Anytime' are also important in the aspect of remote working.

However, at that time, you will be discouraged if you find plenty of 'Tasks that has exceeded its deadline' have been left over.

The following is a routine (Business Process) that is designed to prevent the occurrence of such a situation. A Task of "Reply to Survey" will vanish at "Reply-deadline" by itself.

[Progress Report process-w/Deadline]

[Progress Report process-w/Deadline:'1. Rapporteur Designation' screen]

You may think it is so irresponsible and easy-going that the business rule is allowing a Task to vanish at the deadline.

However, the reason for the cases of stagnation of Tasks which can be done in a moment, maybe "during long vacation" or "totally don't know about it".

Whereas, if 'the downstream Step won't be affected whether it is processed or not', it is not necessarily stagnated at the Step strictly.

I cannot speak of the ideal state of a Business Process because it depends on the business, on the company, on the department, or on the work floor. It should be designed in consideration with the characteristic of the business and the organization. However, I think it's okay to skip a Step which merely to answer to a questionnaire, when it reaches to its deadline.

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