National Identification Number in Workflow (1)

Monday, June 15, 2015
The government of Japan is going to adopt the National Identification Number system.

It is unavoidable for the efficiency of the entire social system.

Business Processes in either of Administrative or private company will be drastically changed.

In anyway, a "Notification card" will be delivered by Registered post in October this year (2015), to a new born baby or an elderly who has listed on the Resident card'. Thus, I would like to consider about a Workflow that will be needed immediately for companies, in this blog article. (I'm not going to mention about the entire picture of the system that will be expanded to "Social security, Taxation, and Disaster response" plus alpha...)

The following Workflow is a very simple flow for 'Application of Individual number'.

Almost all the companies have obligations of "payment of income tax" (withholding) and "join in insurance and pension" for the employees. That means there are no choice but 'collect Individual numbers'. It is a must to collect accurately from all employees, even from board directors. It may better to get application of the number earlier, both for the company itself and employees. (Before they miss the 'Notification card...)

[Individual Number Application flow]

In this Workflow sample, a boilerplate that 'Your number will be used for the procedures of Social insurance and taxation only' is entered directly in the input field. It is nice and easy to understand.

Moreover, the duties of the company about the Social Security and Tax Number System have been described mildly such as,
  • "To ensure the accuracy, collation with your Notification card will be conducted later."
  • "Spouse: 12 digit number. It is Employee to make application on behalf."
  • "Dependent: 12 digit number. It is Employee's duty."

In the beginning, it would be enough in the notation of this much, because there are many things that you won't know until you actually do, and know-how of practical work around this matter will differ depending on the size of the company.

In addition, in this example, it contains a regular expression check in the Input form to enter the "12-digit number." It eliminates the mistakes, such as 13-digit input or contamination of alphanumeric.

And after that, the person in charge in the Accounting department confirms the Individual number actually. That is, tracks of 'Who confirmed when' will be remain in the records.

I see!

It seems that I will be able to devise a variety of ideas even in simply bring the "Accurate application of the Individual number" into a Workflow. Although this Workflow is good enough for you to commissioning, I would like to add more advanced devising based on it, in the articles following this.

[Individual Number Application flow:'1. Application' screen]

[Data Items list]

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