Paperless FAX Auto-Link To Workflow

Monday, October 24, 2011
Standard BPM activity (business improvement activity) is 'Productivity Improvement'. However, it is not only a few cases to aim 'Paperless' in this Eco era.

Recently, in order to eliminate paper waste FAX receive, "Paperless FAX" (Internet FAX) has been introducing more and more companies. Digitized data, you might as well deliver it surely to the destination. (and everything be recorded)

For a Salesperson, it will be very convenient that he/she can check those FAX away from the office. For a manager, it will be also convenient because FAX transmissions will be visualized, how many and what kind of. (search and aggregation as well)

p.s. By the way, if received FAX paper was left on the FAX machine for hours, this could be 'Productivity Improvement'.

1. Destination Check, 1b. Judgment Destination, 2. FAX Receive Check

Most of those 'Paperless FAX' deliver FAX data as attached file on Email. In this Workflow definition, a clerk checks FAX data arriving in dedicated Email address (Task [1. Destination Check], and then select the Workflow user whose name is written on the FAX.

About those ads FAX, a clerk may discard as 'Noise' at discretion, or ask [1b. Judgment Destination ] to the manager.

And if you want to share the FAX content, enter Email address to 'share with' and select 'Yes' in 'Share?'.

[Received FAX Delivery Flow [2. FAX Receive Check] screen]

[Sharing Email setting screen]

[Sharing Email receiving screen]

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