The Complaint Support Workflow Is A Database of Hints for Business Strategy

Monday, October 31, 2011

BPMS is also convenient as ' Supporting Complaint Tool'.
*BPMS: Business Process Management System

Indeed, even if a cross-department 'Complaints Support process' has determined, the 'Workflow To Be' would be changed. Adding handling products, changes in company organization, changes in business environment, in some cases it would be altered by periods and seasons. (It is difficult to conventional 'Workflow system' to make it out.)

In addition, we strongly suggest you to consider well on 'Data Items', when you build a 'Complaint Support Workflow'. That is,

  • What kind complaint and how often does it come in?
  • How long does it take to solve certain complaint?
  • Who supports it?

"Operational data" which enables analysis on these, must be recorded strictly.

For example, trying to think about choice data of 'Type of Complaint'... "1.Product Defect, 2.Unclear operating methods, 3.Gaps between the expectation, 4.Others" Are these enough? (Thinking over it, I can't sleep at night)

1.Registration, 2.Designation, 3.Primary Response, 3b.Advise, 4.Final Response, 5.Rating

Complaints support is "a driving force of corporate growth". There is no Growing company that has not been complaint.

Managing the complaints, share and analyze best practices. It gives great impact to "the next expansion of the business". The significance of recording and visualizing 'Claim Support process' is enormous.

[Complaint Support DB [2.Designation] screen]

[Mail setting screen]

[Received mail screen]

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