Athletic Workflow for A Sales Athlete?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Every salesman has one's style.

"I hate the word 'Primary Contact'. It sounds inorganic to me. I wanna know clearly what my prospective customers are. Let's call them [A. State of Seeds], or [B. State of Sprout], or [C. State of Harvest]. See? Now it sounds organic!" (I don't get it... )

I feel it is almost out of elegant word of 'SFA', I tried to design a SFA Workflow for him.

[Process Model]

Each process is not a 'Task'. It is as if sorting apples or tomatoes on a conveyor.

In fact, however, this concept is not so wrong. Each step appears to be mere "State management", actually, it still is a "task". That is, [3. State of 'Seed'] needs to be watering. So as [4. State of 'Sprout']. And then [5. State of 'harvest'], go to reap with a sickle in your hand.
  • 3. State of 'Seed': Elicit person's in need.
  • 4. State of 'Sprout': Repeat the proposal.
  • 5. State of 'harvest': Let them buy even discounted if necessary.

[SFA process [5. State of 'Harvest'] screen]

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