Proposal Review Workflow that Tells by Whom It Has Rejected

Monday, November 21, 2011

"Proposal" is important. A lot of proposals are written with keywords like "New Business", "New Products", "Business Improvement". The more the better for a company. In reality, only a few of those proposal is adopted.

In the following "Proposal Review Workflow", proposals are sieved in each stage. The president will read finally survived proposal only.

But, it is not interesting only to adopt "Survival" of the proposals into business process. Rather you would better make those sieved out proposals into assets of the company. That is, to build an environment that "Reusable Proposal" can be excavated.

[Proposal Review flow]

In this Workflow, the judges give scores on the proposal one after another, fellow, the manager, executive, then the president. But the most important is Visibility of each data.

  • Which stage it ended up?
  • Lack of what?
  • External factors effected?

Every employee can see how a proposal goes. Especially the 'Comments' of each judge. And those stored 'Rejected Proposals of the past' are foundation of new proposal.

The user who has proposed can monitor his proposal anytime, how it is now. When the proposal is high-spirited, one would check the flow over again and again.

That's right, you can write your proposal anytime anyplace with Google Apps and Questetra.

[Proposal Review flow [4. Estimation] screen]

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