How do You Correspond to Grievance Complaint from Outside the Company? (Response Operation flow)

Monday, February 17, 2014
"I must improve the Business Process..."

Many of proprietors and managers think so. But when it comes to be "putting into practice", it is not the so simple story. First of all, as is written in the article of "I Wonder Why My Boss won't Draw Workflow Chart", it is difficult to draw a "Workflow Diagram". (ummm...)
That said, If it is such a business that could be harmful to the "person on the outside the company", I can not even say so. I want to improve the rules and the procedure day by day. It shouldn't be like for example, you don't grasp when and who corresponded (corresponding) to a complaint at "Personal Information Grievance Desk".

The workflow definition below shows the workflow for performing the necessary actions to the "informing and complaining from the outside" received at the Web site.
When you import and run this definition (Process Model), you can make it record all the contacts automatically, and authorized people can monitor the progress of the correspondence to them. An excellent twist, is "able to attach a file". It means they can easily attach an image file which captured on their Smartphones.

# Personally, I want it to be accepted on the Web site to report burned out street lights, instead of a phone call (9:00 to 5:00). (Because we can find it only at night.)

[Personal Information Complaints Corresponding flow]

[Personal Information Complaints Corresponding flow:"3. Particulars Record" screen]

[List of Process Data Item]

The steps of this Business Process definition, "Personal Information Complaints Corresponding flow" are as follows.
Upon receiving the "notification from the outside", a contact person who is capable will enter the "Handling Plan" at first. Then, the Compliance Officer will approve of the handling plan. (Advices, if necessary.) The contact person will record the "particulars of correspondence" after conducting the necessary actions based on the advice of the director in charge.

It is a very simple flow. It can be said that the first step of contact management.
It would be better to make changes in accordance with the needs of your organization when you get used to operate to some extent, and if you feel it is too simple, such as"Reply Email", or "Escalation to the President", etc..

By the way, it is also excellent that "type of the contact" will be recorded in the Corresponding flow, and "The time required for the corresponding Contact" will be automatically calculated at the completion of corresponding. It should be noted that, If you have anxieties to decide to systematize "operations to external" suddenly, it is also good to try to operate the flow of the same "In-house Suggestion Box".

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