Using Daily Reports Only for Cost Price Calculation Is a Waste

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
If you have a "Workflow for Daily Reporting Work Time," you might as well include work content and send this data to project managers. This type of routine workflow takes some time for employees to get used to, but once they are established as a part of the daily duty they usually aren't that much trouble. They are often a good chance for workers to look back on and review their day's work.

Project managers are usually anxious about the progress of their own projects. However, the above workflow sends emails to the project manager mailing list, so this means project managers will be receiving reports on projects they aren't involved with. (Their situation is different from top management, who is interested in over-time hours of all employees.) But if the date and name of the reporting employee is included in the subject line, this would make it easier for project managers to filter through the emails they don't need.

Of course, there will inevitably be some reports that don't need to be sent to project managers at all, such as work-time reports by project managers themselves, or reports that merely say, "I was at a seminar all day." If you want a workflow that can bypass emails for these kinds of reports, try the below workflow, which includes a "Do-not-send-email-to-project-manager" checkbox.