A Workflow for Revising Workflows

Friday, February 4, 2011
If you are going to manage workflows, you will have to deal with the "workflow for revising workflows."

According to the Golden Rules of Business Process Modeling, establishing the "trigger" is the important thing. Your "workflow for revising workflows" will depend on whether you want to review your workflows when a request emerges from a user (passive), or to have a monthly meeting specifically for reviewing workflows (active). Today's workflow is triggered by an employee's (user's) suggestion for revision.

Organizations that endeavor to keep improving workflows can make their workflows a source for competitiveness. And organizations are constantly thinking about various kaizen possibilities have an advantage.

It's not guaranteed that all suggestions will be reasonable. Also, the same suggestion may come from several employees. The below workflow makes it easier to cancel a process. (Even when a process is canceled, having the record of this suggestion can never be bad.)