If You Want to Assign Respondents Based on the Inquiry Content

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Yesterday's workflow ("How to Measure Inquiry Response Speed") was very simple and easy. Top management can see which staff member is currently in charge of what inquiry, and each staff member can see exactly how many inquiries he has to handle. But when you try to put it to use you'll probably find issues that need to be worked through.

For example, if the customer service team is composed of ten employees who also have other duties, the second task (Specify Respondent) may become a fierce battlefield of bartering. When this is the case, it would be better if only employees with manager positions can see this phase. In other words, the boss distributes work based on each member's expertise, work load and training opportunities. In today's workflow, the second task only goes to the leader of the customer service team. (There should probably be several leaders, to make sure unanswered inquiries don't build up.)

If the leader is in charge of distributing work, she should be available for advice (we think). The below workflow allows the respondent to check with the leader if ever he needs advice.