A Workflow for Brushing up Proposals

Monday, February 14, 2011
The workflow in our previous article, "Recording all Marketing Projects—Even the No-Gos," first submits a marketing proposal through a peer review (task 2. Check Proposal), after which it issubmitted to the Marketing Strategy Meeting (task 3. Chat and Record Opinions). In reality, though, we often end up working on a proposal until the very last minute, i.e., we don't have time to have a colleague check it.

So, today let's look at a revision of this workflow so that, although the regular flow (tasks 1-2-3-4-5) is ideal, a shortcut (tasks 1-3-4-5) is also possible.

By the way, the idea behind this workflow is that all members bring their computers to the Marketing Strategy Meeting and log into the workflow system. This way anyone can add the comments on discussions and personal opinions into the team task, which they all have access to (task 3. Chat and Record Opinions).

To add another function, how about the option of adding further comments that come up after the meeting is over?