Go Ahead and Include All Necessary Info in the Daily Report

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Today we're going to develop our "Daily Report for Cost Price Calculation" series. ("A Workflow for Daily Reporting Work Time," "Using Daily Reports Only for Cost Price Calculation Is a Waste")

If you have employees send daily reports in order to manage production cost prices, you might as well use it for attendance management as well. Because, when all employee hand in their attendance records once a month, what boss is really able to point out the mistakes?

So we suggest adding necessary attendance info in the daily report. The below workflow uses the same process diagram as the prior workflow, but is different in that it includes information on attendance, and the time employees came into and left the office.

Furthermore, since this workflow is for reporting attendance info with other info, it might be good to assume that the accounting department or human resources may ask an employee to make corrections.