Quote Approval Workflow for Contract-Based Businesses

Friday, February 11, 2011
In our ever-changing world the form and role of contract-based software development may not always be the same. But we predict there will always be contract-based businesses, as will be sales reps consulting their bosses about quotes.

Let's look at a workflow that gives top management instant access to the conversation going on within the sales department.

The above workflow is simple, yet usable. Process managers will be able to see, at any time or day, what and how many orders (estimates) are being processed or waiting for approval. Or, whether a certain estimate was submitted to a certain major client within the last month. When information on real-time situation is always available, this should have an effect on board discussions.

If, for example, your company has a lot of department heads who don't have the time to confirm everything, you can have section heads approve smaller cases that involve less than 10,000 USD. (below workflow)