Reporting Each Client Visit Right After Returning to the Office

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Sending the boss an email report on a recent visit to your client is, well, better than nothing. But this makes reusing information extremely difficult. Also, it would be impossible to use these reports as statistics, e.g., how many clients each sales staff (or the sales division as a whole) visited in a given month...

This is where a system for inputting reports in a fixed format would be perfect for creating a valuable "client visits" database. A simple "daily report" system may suffice, but we think having a separate workflow for client visits, which can be inputted right after the visit is over, will eliminate omissions.

An SFA system can be useful for managing sales activities, but using a workflow system can also be beneficial for improving the quality of sales reports. The below workflow adds to the above workflow with a function for collecting comments from other members who were present during the visit.