A Workflow for Voluntarily Accepting Inspection Work

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Asset inspection contractors, such as elevator maintenance or IT asset management businesses, employ a large number of inspectors and repairmen. One system that could be used is to have each staff look at a list of jobs (inspections, repairs) and voluntarily accept them. This system could use the below workflow, in which the second task is done by each staff.
(This is a spin-off from the post, "Inspection Workflows Should Be Connected to Repair Workflows")

That said, inspectors have their specialties, so if you want to be able to assign jobs to the appropriate worker, with consideration to each worker's experience, it might be good to add this assigning task within the workflow. (below)
As an aside, you could have a rule to add the word "*URGENT*" in jobs that come in from the help desk.