If You Want to Assign Respondents Based on the Type of Inquiry

Sunday, February 27, 2011
Companies that handle over 100 inquiries a day should think about how to categorize them. If you can tell at an early stage what product an inquiry concerns, this should influence the ensuing route and specified respondent (probably).

Today's workflow assumes the inquirer chooses the category himself. But the leader can change this at the second task (Specify Respondent).

(Spin-off from "How to Measure Inquiry Response Speed" and "If You Want to Assign Respondents Based on the Inquiry Content.")

If, say, you know that inquiries regarding "product A and B" are relatively easy to handle, and inquiries regarding "product C and others" are usually complex, you can structure the team based on work experience.

In the below workflow, newbies and the likes are changed with answering inquiries regarding product A and B, and veteran employees voluntarily take on inquiries regarding product C and others.