A Workflow for Relentlessly Increasing the Strength of Your Proposals

Monday, January 24, 2011
The quality of presentations directly influences the number of orders, especially for businesses like custom software development and consulting services. We've been discussing how to handle proposal workflows in "A Workflow for Increasing the Strength of Your Proposals" and "A Workflow for Continuously Increasing the Strength of Your Proposals."

Today we're going to give you an essential hint into improving client proposals: the Voice of the Customer (VOC). A workflow for creating and reusing proposals should, ideally, include the clients' responses. Today's workflow adds a final task for this.

Once you add VOC to the workflow, you'll most likely discover lots of opportunities for kaizen, which were invisible before. You may find out you need to change proposal templates, business rules, and even the corporate culture in the sales department. If a VOC prompts the occasion of a review meeting, it would be convenient to have this step already included in the workflow.