Thinkin About Who Should Be in Charge of Proofreading Minutes and Finalizing Minutes

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Yesterday we introduced "A Workflow for Checking Meeting Minutes." You may want to give the meeting's chairperson final responsibility over the minutes. In this case it may be good to give the chairperson the task of proofreading the first draft (2. Chairperson Check) as well as making final corrections (4. Revise Minutes). If the minutes need to be made in a hurry the chairperson herself can go ahead and do that, too (1. Create Minutes).

The concept of clarifying responsibility can be applied to the checking step as well. In fact, the step where all participants proofread the minutes may actually become a "responsibility-lacking task" within the workflow. This is especially true if there are a lot of participants.
The below workflow limits the checking task to four specified participants. The idea behind this is to have major contributors check the minutes before you publish them to all participants.