Ringi Process–The Official Approver Gives Comments After the Quick Approval

Thursday, January 27, 2011
In our previous article, "When You Want ANYBODY to Give You That Approval," we presented a way to speed up the ringi process. This workflow, of course, will make them go faster, but at some point a board member may think it necessary to run it by the official approver.

So today's workflow:

Of course, it would be best if the official approver can do the quick approval as well, but if she is on holiday or a business trip these approval tasks will just pile up. To solve this dilemma many companies have multi-step processes and call them "temporary approvals," "proxy approvals" or "after-the-event approvals," etc. Preparing two steps ("quick approval" and "official approval") is a more practical solution to this. Also, the same person may want to do both approvals himself (i.e., if he wants to give some answer to the applicant while thinking about it for a little longer).

Now, the below workflow allows the official approver to change his mind after the quick approval... let's hope they are mostly positive changes.