A Workflow for Increasing the Strength of Your Proposals

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Sales people are constantly making proposals that speak to the client's problems, particularly in B-to-B serviecs. There's a lot of discussion about how to make your organization's proposals better, but today let's start with "consistently recording your organization's current proposal activities."

The below workflow allows sales employees to ask for advice from a peer whenever necessary. This can be especially useful for employees who recently moved to a new department or are given a new position, and need to confirm with his/her predecessor. You may think our workflow is simple, but just recording data of clients meetings and proposal files is effective. That way you can check, at any time, who made proposals to how many clients within a certain period of time.

To go one step further, adding a field to mark the "level of priority" will allow you to always be aware of each employee's priority clients. This is a minor addition, but if you create a loop for revisiting the client, like in the below workflow, it's a truly effective one.