The Photo Shoot Workflow

Saturday, January 8, 2011
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And so it goes with photographs. Today, regardless of the industry, most companies use photos at least at some point in their business. And taking photos for your business can sometimes entail truly specialized skills.

However, the "photo shoot workflow" is not the easiest to handle. One difficulty lies in the task of communicating to the photographer exactly what kind of photo one wants. So what can we do here? Our first workflow sample in our "photo shoot" series will be for a website design company.

By the way, if the request is for a "photo of Kyoto University's main gate (cell phone photo acceptable)," then someone who happens to be visiting Kyoto University that day can quickly accept the task and take it on his/her way to (presumably) more important business.

But if the task is to take "photos of company A's entrance (about 10)" you'll have to use a different approach. Assuming this is for company A's website, which you are being commissioned to design, these are pretty important photos. Once the photos are ready you can have other photographers (or other employees who like photography) comment on the finish. (Good feedback should be shared.)

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