Applying for Permission to Access a Data Center, When You're in a Hurry

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Yesterday we introduced a workflow for "Applying for Permission to Access a Data Center", which requires approval from a supervisor. Alas, if we are to face reality we must acknowledge the fact that many of our reasons for entering a data center involve an emergency. Meaning, there's no time to wait for the boss's approval.

The below workflow will allow for a more flexible operation. In this workflow, general affairs can check the date and reason and make the decision to send the access request fax themselves, whether or not the boss okayed it yet. In other words, the actual approval can be done afterward. (Note that the supervisor's approval won't have control over downstream tasks.)

If we take into consideration cases in which the boss *doesn't* approve after all, we'll have to add a way to cancel the entire application process using the BPMN "Terminate End Event." Of course, if the access request fax has already been sent to the data center, it's already too late. (We'll just assume that the boss's approval will be at least confirmed by phone.)