A Transparent Workflow for Drafting Newspaper Articles

Thursday, January 6, 2011
In our sample workflow today, the "reporter's" job is to draft articles, the "originating editor" conducts the first edit (including checking reporting methods), the "copy editor" is in charge of each article's position, size and final draft, and the "translator" translates the final draft.

The process of preparing articles is a model of well-organized distribution of work that involves a lot of computer work. This kind of work is perfect for a workflow system or BPM system.

The comments made during the process are useful for each reporter's development. Organizations with a lot of people who give good feedback need to provide a way to have that feedback easily accessible.

P.S. You may want to manage the process data with the cloud app, "Google Apps for Business" (former "Google Apps Premier Edition"). In this case the process data for "Related files" should accommodate text as well as files, assuming it will include hyperlinks to Google Docs and Picasa files.