General Affairs Can Be in Charge of Replying to New Years Cards

Saturday, January 1, 2011
Happy New Year!
This year we hope to continue offering instantly-useful workflows, and we look forward to your requests and feedback.

In Japan today, there are probably a lot of people reading through their pile of received New Years cards. Even in the age of email, they say 120 million Japanese send a total of 3 billion New Years cards, to old college friends, colleagues, clients, and everyone in between. And if you get one from someone you didn't send one to, you promptly send one back in return.

The below sample is for a company that systemizes its business-related New Years cards. General Affairs is in charge of sending reply New Years cards with the company name.

General Affairs will probably use these requests to manage their primary database of New Years cards sent each year. These requests and lists of contacts are important information which employees took the time to fill out. So in the below sample we added an automatic email to let employees know their requests were received.