Handle Emails AND Letters Altogether, Then Handle Payments

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Our previous articles "Managing a List of Paying Members on the Cloud" and "How About Including the Task of Removing Members?" talked about sending reminder emails to alumni until they pay their class dues.

The samples we introduced allow you to handle entire lists of memberships all at once, but some organizations may have to send out transfer slips via land mail, if a considerable portion of their membership register with regular street addresses instead of email addresses.

With the above sample you can collectively check off members who paid, regardless of whether they were sent an email or letter. AND you can still input the entire list via spreadsheet, because the system automatically discerns whether each member is an "email" or "land mail" member.

That said, in real life task 2b (land mail) is not always something that should be added to this workflow. This is because you'll want to handle land mail letters in bulk, separately; for example print out address labels via spreadsheets. If necessary, you could prepare a separate workflow for managing membership lists, and in this workflow have a "send transfer slips by land mail" task.