A Credit Check Workflow That Works for Sales

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
A company should be able to immediately answer a sales member's doubt about a prospective client. Because letting that sales member keep investing his time and energy into a client that you shouldn't be doing business with in the first place, would be truly unfortunate. From a risk management point of view, too, companies should get an early understanding of the new and potential clients.

The first "simple" credit check can consist of an investigation via a credit report website and a legal staff's educated judgment. Most cases will do just fine with this simple check. In this case just let the workflow go from task 1 to 2 to 3. But if the legal department feels like they should look into a certain client a little more, they can give a positive answer to the sales staff for the time being and continue to task 4 (i.e., "No major problems. But will initiate a detailed check just in case").
By the way, confirmation-type tasks tend to go faster if you separate positive and negative reports.