A Workflow for Keeping Master Files Updated

Friday, March 4, 2011
Companies want to be extremely careful in maintaining important master files, which include lists of client accounts, lists of affiliates and agencies, lists of IP addresses for monitor servers, etc.

You want to not only record the history of data changes, but also the procedures that lead to changes (who confirmed/decided what when). Recording daily work is good for preparing basic information for improvements. And it will allow managers to inspect past data when an accident happens.

[Update Master <Double Check>: "2. Input Changes" screen]

The above workflow uses a double-check system. All of the tasks are recorded in detail with a time stamp, like who inputted what data, or who checked what file…

Unfortunately, humans are prone to make mistakes. We'll assume, in case a mistake happens, this team has a separate workflow specifically for thinking of ways to prevent reoccurrence.
Moreover, the below workflow lets users input data of the initial registration forms that initiated the master changes. This will make future monitoring even easier.

[Update Master <Input Files>: "2. Input Changes" screen]

By the way, Questetra BPM Suite's sister software, EAI BPM "DataSpider BPM" makes interoperation with databases (DBMS) really easy.