Workflow Split for Customers Who Don't Have Email Accounts

Saturday, March 12, 2011
If your company receives requests for free samples by phone as well as electronic methods, you might want to refrain from making the "email address" a required item. But in order to prevent mis-input and overlooks you really do want to make email addresses mandatory.

One general solution to this quandary is to input a dummy email address for people who have obviously entered an incorrect addresses or who don't have an email account. That's one solution.

But this doesn't prevent emails from being sent. Today let's work on improving our previous workflows introduced in "Creating a Workflow for Managing Requests for Samples" and "Responding Quickly to Communications in Sample Requests."

[Sample Request <No Email>: "Thank You Email" settings screen]

Now for the improvement: in the below workflow, if the email address begins with "info" and ends with "," an email won't be sent. In other words, emails that look like "" will not receive a thank you note.