A Report Workflow that Collects Info on Damage Every Morning at Nine

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
In an emergency, companies will want to efficiently assess the amount of damage at each branch. Further measures can be decided only after assessing the situation. As a general rule, having several locations input info in a centralized location, like a Google Spreadsheet (or webform) is often beneficial. This cuts communication costs, because multiple sources can access one resource. (The problem of efficiency depends more on "what kind of items you include in the form.")

The below workflow send damage reports to all employees at 9:00 AM every morning. This allows the entire company to be aware of the overall damage situation, at the same time, and also makes it easier to confirm everyone's safety.

[Damage Report <Fixed Time>: "1. Report situation" screen]

One necessity that arises from a multiple-source style communication is confirmation of people who haven't made any input. In workflow terminology, this is "stagnation." The company can create a list of all branches that have not made entries at task 1 (Confirm Situation/Request Further Info), and can decide on the appropriate measures from there.

Also, adding another Start Event lets the process be started at any time, for special cases. (below workflow)