Creating a Workflow for Managing Requests for Samples

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Free samples are often used for marketing tools, especially in cosmetics and health foods industries. It may be one idea to have a "system for managing and shipping free samples" custom-made, but you can probably design your own using a present-day workflow product. That way you will be able to accommodate spec changes immediately.

Today's workflow sample is for companies that reliably manage personal information in the Information System Department's database. If registered correctly, the process will go through to the "thank you email" automatically.

[Sample Request <Shipping>: "1. Confirm Registration" screen]

In this sample, if the word "test" is included in the name field, the flow goes to task 1 (Confirm Registration). Also, if there is an error with the automated registration into database, it will go to task 2 (Handle Error).

The business rules concerning the gateway should be reviewed and revised appropriately. If you would like each error to be sent to the Information System Department's electronic mailing list, you can use the below workflow.