Smooth and Speedy Complaint Management

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Whether you're impulse is to ignore their existence or to brag about the amount of them, complaints are disguised opportunities for improving products and services. Companies should record each complaint in order to analyze the cause for each one and grasp comprehensive relations. Nowadays there is the popular webform which can be accessed by anyone at anytime, so companies will want to prepare a system to receive them and respond to them quickly.

Let's say we make a webform in Google Docs, and design a workflow for responding to issued complaints.

An often-seen situation is where the complaint is so specifically technical that the customer service staff can only respond with a, "We've received your complaint, please wait," while asking around in the relative division for an answer. So why don't we go ahead and include a task for asking advice (in below sample, 2b)?

Google Docs forms, which store all complaints and time data as spreadsheets, are really convenient. Questetra BPM Suite, which can also manage each response, owner, time of response, and time it took to solve each complaint, is really cool.