Making an Extensive Agreement History List with an Agreement Workflow

Friday, November 12, 2010
Agreements between organizations are bothersome yet necessary. At some companies they are an everyday duty, especially when they involve outsourcing. Veteran salesmen may be able to roll out agreements easily with a little bit of "nemawashi," but what would an ideal workflow for acquiring internal consensus be like?

Agreements can roughly be divided into those that use "our template" and those that use "their template," and consensus methods should differ accordingly. The legal department doesn't have to make corrections to its own template, so in this workflow these cases start from Step 5 (no prior circulation to the legal department).
If you want to add top management governance, the below workflow might work for you.
The benefit of using an agreement workflow is the accumulation of data. At any point you can look up any company and see what kind of agreements you made or tried to make with them.