A Workflow for Filtering Ideas

Sunday, November 21, 2010
How can a company constantly generate good ideas? To begin with, we must acknowledge
that the majority of ideas don't amount to much (and are doomed to die out according to the
evolutionary theory).

Today we're going to introduce a workflow that is designed to "not flow." By this we mean a
workflow meant to accumulate various ideas, and which ultimately aids in choosing the best
or most timely idea at each relevant time.

The ideas are accumulated at Task [2. Create Proposal or Discard Idea]. If we include the
assessment in the title (e.g., "80/100 – Make a banner for exhibits"), merely looking through
the list of processes should be enough to figure out which idea should be adopted next.

This can also be used for company website ideas, in which case it would be convenient to
add consecutive tasks such as translation or HTML code writing.