Official Quotes Should Be Properly Managed

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Do you know how many quotes you're waiting a reply on? And how much is the total amount of all of those quotes?
Having a good estimate/quote system is one of the perks of having a workflow system. It may be BPM's biggest purpose. But in reality sales reps often don't worry too much about quotes... Can we blame them? Orders and contracts take up more of their attention, and they sometimes have to create a quote for a case that obviously won't come through.
So here's a workflow that lessens the sales rep's burden and satisfies upper management.

You may argue that the only significance of this workflow is that the accounting is in charge of sending. Will sales members really be happy with this? Why don't we go ahead and connect order processing to it, which should simplify info inputting. Of course, it can be used for cases that didn't require a quotes. It will also optimize order processing done by accounting, as well as keep quote-order relations well-recorded.

By the way, new employees will have to always request a check, unless there is some special reason to hurry. The process goes through credit auditing when it involves a new client or an amount that exceeds 10 thousand USD.