Requests for Information Lead to How Many Orders?

Saturday, November 27, 2010
So where do you start BPM from? It's the golden question that's so hard to answer. To resist the temptation to say something utterly unhelpful (e.g., "It depends on the company,") let's try a more specific lead: start with either (1) A workflow that responds to a query made from an external source, or (2) A process for providing a service which starts from an order input. Today let's look at a Request-for-Information workflow, which belongs to the former category.

In general when a client makes a request for information, you want to send the information as well as make a sales approach. (Although some companies have a policy of not making any approaches at this point.) If you use a workflow system you can easily keep an eye on, "Who tackled how many prospective clients, and how many of those lead to orders," as well as, "How many requests for information are there currently."

If your company is the type that gets a lot of requests for information, you may want to have an auto-confirmation sent to the requester (and CC-ed to sales).